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Uncahained works tirelessly to raise awareness and create a hostile environment for traffickers. We are run solely by volunteers and all donations are greatly valued and appreciated.

To donate to Unchained via paypal simply click on the button below and log in to your paypal account. Please send payments to  Thank you!



Easy Fundraising


Easy fundraising is an exciting new way to donate to a cause you are passionate about without actually giving away money. Yes that is correct, donate by not giving away money! No catch. Honest!

Easyfundraising provides you with a platform to shop online as you normally do but via the Easyfundraising website. Every time you make a purchase, the company you buy from, for example amazon, next etc. will make a donation instead. All you have to do is shop until you drop and the let the big companies pay.

Fantastic! To find out more about Unchained’s exclusive Easyfundraising site, please click on the link below:

Unchained Easy Fundraising


Easy Search

Another simple and free way to support our cause, without shopping, is by using the Easy Search page to help raise funds by simply searching on our page like you would with Google. Every time you do your web search via this site, a donation will be made to Unchained. Its like actual magic!


Unchained Easy Seach


Crowd Funder

Unchained’s Crowdfunder page is due to be launched next month. Keep your eyes peeled for the link here…